Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy new year

Hello hello 2013! Hope its not too late!

So long since i updated my blog..what had happened since then?

Got married!to the love of my life :)
Loss some friends,made new ones,moved on and being +ve
got a job as an architect..finally

Last but not least .. Im having a baby!

Alhamdulillah..a great start for 2013..

screw 2012..whatever happens in 2012 stays in 2012

Now..a new journey to a new future and building the min's clan..
Will update more on babies..:)

P/s:i went to baby fair and bought baby's first clothes..mummy cannot wait to meet u sayang

Friday, August 31, 2012

i dont need surprises..i just need someone to talk,to get over my feelings..they dont understand..i dont want it..too much things going through my mind..too much pressure.scrolling through my contacts trying to find someone to talk to.if there is,the person might be too busy to reply..and even the next person..the next..The hardest part,ure not even their priority..this sounds unappreciative.but this is how i feel right now.i just want to get over today and move on

Sunday, May 27, 2012

wedding guestbook

hello!!today i nak story about guestbook dat i did for my friend's wedding; Dr Syeera Jalil & Fariz was a blast..the theme was gold.Luckily the colour turned out well,it looks better in real life la..hehe..this guestbook is a little bit different form ain's..this one has its own unique touch and more of a story telling book..every page was custom and ada photos and poems in love love it!!

after the wedding, I received another order from a dear friend Maisarah, she wants to contribute this book for her bestfriend's wedding as a gift..still have not receive the details yet..but i cannot wait to start my next project..gonna be more fun  and exciting!

Take a look:------------->this is about 5%..

Front cover matte finished

the pages inside

their love story in between pages.... illustrated with silhouette images
the back cover

thats all for now!nak order boleh...comment je bawah

Friday, May 18, 2012

i think im going to have another meltdown....

another test from Him

Today my dad was admitted to the hospital due to diabetes..he was not feeling quite well and went to the clinic for check up..followed with bad news,the dr clarified his blood sugar level is 24 (ie very-very high) and told him to go to the hospital immediately.luckily my sister was around and bring him to the hospital. I learnt from my past experience;my dad is a stubborn person and will only go to the clinic/hospital when he feels really2 sick.if not he wouldnt give a damn about. My mother told me it might be related to his heart condition before and the diseases keep multiplying  from one to another.poor ayah. Which makes me worry,cause he always looks happy and normal and even though he is sick,he will still put a smile on his face, like nothing happen.

Being me and my hectic life, i couldnt even visit my dad just now and i have to wait until TOMORROW to go visit him due to this stupid presentation that i HAVE to not volunteer present. I think my work aren't good enough and the lecturers keep pushing me to do things that i couldnt achieve.I dont know what they see in me but i definitely couldnt see it for myself. It is tough seeing my other mates sitting around and they dont have to do anything,and I,again, have to work extra hard for no reason.

Again, i hate NOT being there..........if only......arghhhh

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

wedding bells

okay, lets just forget about the sadness!now focus on my wedding,i think im in a depression mode w my studies and all,asyik nak makan je..menci gile..but starting from today!!yess today!!im gonna diet..NO..not going to say diet la sbb slalu x jadi..but eat healthier..during syeera's shower i look at my friends transformations



these 2 people really inspires me,malu pulak la meratah makanan dgn lahap nya depan diorg ni..depa makan nasi seco'ek now onwards!xmo makan nasi dah,makan sayur2 mcm rabbit..i started morning walk  everyday with my dad to improve my now, i just need to focus!i know i can do it!!yeahh..

orait,enough about me
last sunday, we organize a wedding shower for or beloved friend,syeera!
Theme: Masquerade


it was an AMAZING night with the ambience & music..and our gorgeous decorations!
everyday definitely play some role in making this event successful..yang penting bride nye HAPPY!

we started off with eating dinner,malangnye xde gbr sbb  sume pelahap sgt..and then we played scratch games

End product by mai kot ni..each of us got this black mask and what we need to do is design whatever we want on top of it by scratching it and then we played a game..mcm lekat2 was fun!first we have to pusing2 kan org tu smpai pening lepas tu lekat d star..everybody got to do it..mmg xde org dapat lekat kt real close except for farah!

I lupe, before the games,ade in house band played and sang us lagu sedetik lebih and belaian jiwa, we sang a long with them and hug each other tightly,then the party begins after mai suggested us to dance w the samba music,it was definitely a moment to remember,No photos,everybody sibuk dancing..hehe..the nite ended w dessert, cupcakes!!

it says here; sheeras at first i pun tak paham SBA tu

 it was an amazing night,rasa nak post je sume gbr..but those who know me can check it out on my fb timeline:)thats all for now..toodles!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Ya Allah,sesungguhnya fitnah adalah lebih teruk daripada membunuh..

Entry will be long..stay with me

selama aku hidup, aku TAK pernah menangis kerana seorang kawan
Aku tidak tahu nilai seorang kawan boleh membuatkan air mata mengalir deras
Harini aku mengalaminya,
sungguh mudah bisikan syaitan menghantui seseorang,
aku juga tidak dapat lari daripada godaan syaitan,
Namun tidak sekali syaitan dapat memutuskan persahabatan yang telah aku  bina,

kawan ku ini ialah antara manusia terpenting dalam hidup ku,
bukan niat ku untuk menyalahkannya,
sekalipun untuk menidakkan tanggungjawabnya sebagai ibu,
salah kah aku untuk meluahkan perasaan aku,
sedangkan dia sering meluahkan ketidakpuashatian nya kepadaku jika aku salah

ikut kan hati mati,ikut rasa binasa,

aku tak menyesal dengan apa yang aku telah luahkan,

selama ni,aku sering mendengar,membantu,dan aku akan pastikan dia sentiasa gembira walaupun dia sering merasakan dirinya tidak sempurna..ketidaksempurnaan yang dikatakan adalah Perfect untuk orang seperti aku.

Mungkin warkah aku ini agak kebudak-budakan..namun, tidak salah untuk aku meluahkan perasaan yang terpendam

aku telah melakukan segala-galanya,
aku rasa untuk dia paling banyak sekali pengorbanan aku sebagai kawan,

Namun, untuk dia tidak,
sungguh mudah untuk memutuskan pertalian menerusi alam siber yang penuh dengan hasutan

Aku terasa difitnah,
dan yang paling penting,buat kali pertamanya aku menitiskan air mata,
amat sebak bagiku untuk menggambarkan perasaan ini menerusi kata-kata

"if it means losing friendship,then be it,"

diluahkan di twitter oleh rakan baik ku ini..aku tidak dapat menyalahkannya kerana berkata sedemikian,tapi ingatlah
aku juga punya perasaan,
aku punya hati,
aku punya maruah,
senang-senang kau berkata sedemikian,
dan aku redha hilang seorang rakan sebegini
mungkin kita akan berjumpa di hari lain,
tapi aku tidak akan berada disisi kau ketika kau sedih,kau rasa seperti tersisih dan terutama sekali bila kau memerlukan teman untuk berbicara

Saat ini,aku mungkin sudah tidak berkawan dengan kau,
dan tidak mungkin akan menjalinkan persahabatan kembali atas cacian terhadap aku,
aku tidak bersalah 

namun aku maafkan dia sebagai makhluk Allah

betul kata nadzmin,berkawan biar berpada,nanti binasa diri

semua orang tidak akan faham perasaan aku,
biarlah aku dan diriku